When There Are Time Machines

Warn others of the apocalypse!

What would you do if you invented a time machine? Would you assassinate Hitler before World War II started? Would you go back 60 million years to watch the dinosaurs hunt and roam (and confirm once and for all whether they had feathers)? Would you visit your parents as teens and inadvertently block your own birth?

In When There Are Time Machines, none of these questions are explored. In this amusing science fiction motion comic we instead explore a more immediate and consequential issue that has never been raised in film or literature: would it be gay to get a hand job from your future self?

Give it a watch!


Written, Edited, Acted and Created by: Jave Galt-Miller
Art by: Hugo Araujo

Silly and bit crude?

Well, perhaps. But apart from satirically suggesting that all technology at bottom is just a means to satisfy sexual desire in one way or another, I was drawn to this idea as a fun way to explore the nature of self.

Similar to the Star Trek transporter problem, if a body dissolves and rematerializes at a different time, is it the same body, the same self? One does not have to look only to science fiction, when you realize that (most likely) none of your cells/atoms at 40 are the same that you had when you were 10. (Usually expressed as the paradox of the Ship of Theseus.)

That being said – does your body equal your self? If not, then perhaps you overcome the paradox. But then you’re left with a bigger problem: the dichotomy between matter and mind (or spirit).

I realize the latter is commonly accepted and not even recognized as a problem. But the characters in this sci-fi indie comic are scientists, and not theists. No, the more interesting question arises when one accepts that matter and mind are flip sides to the same coin. In that case – what then is the self? How does one identify it? Are two identical bodies that have experienced a life’s worth of the same conscious states–apart from one hour’s difference–are they the same self, or somehow different?

Anyway, whatever your self turns out to be, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t jerk off.

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