Tweets From the End of the World

What happens when you combine siloed social media platforms with partisan politics and people with a dogmatic disposition? You get Tweets from the End of the World – a horror comedy comic where mobile media devices turn everyone into violent, irrational zombies. But who’s pulling the strings? Now two online justice warriors from opposite sides of the aisle will have to join forces to stop the ideological apocalypse. But in the meantime…

Politics is about to become a nightmare!

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Or watch Part 1 of the motion comic HERE.




A college student who’s trying to do the right thing. She’s a progressive intersectional feminist who aims to fight for those who are less fortunate.


A former US Marine who’s trying to do the right thing. He’s a convservative who believes in the power and value of the individual, and he aims to fight against collectivists everywhere.

The Professor

Rabidly anti-patriarchy. She’s leading her students on a protest against a recent anti-abortion law. Like most people wielding hammers, she sees everything as a nail.


One of the protesters, her sexuality is unclear.

Bernie Bros

A couple woke dudes who favor Bernie Sanders rather than someone more intersectionally attractive.

Political Zombies

Just your average folks, manipulated and controlled by social media…


Jave Galt-Miller

Jave Galt-Miller

Jave has spent most of his life as a political outsider. Seeing problems in both the Left and the Right (and in the false dichotomy of Left/Right), he’s never been comfortable with conforming to any label. More interested in ideas than in people, he wrote a comic to poke fun at OJWs – online justice warriors. (Though he’s definitely had – and will continue to have – his OJW moments.)

Ulises Carpintero

Ulises was born in Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina) in 1977. He’s loved to draw since childhood, mostly super heroes, and he’s worked as a comic artist and graphic designer for 20 years. Influenced by artists like Mignola, Zaffino, Risso, Garcia Lopez, Coipel and more, his past work includes “Forgive Me Father, “The Return of Super Pimps,” “Paparazzi,” and “Xarkar and the Caravan of Wealth”. He gives his dedication and passion to every drawing he makes.

Hugo Araujo

Hugo is a full time illustrator based in Brazil, and he’s drawn a number of comic projects and independent publications. He has a special interest in drawing witches in his free time.