Protesters - Tweets from the End of the World

Tweets From the End of the World – Motion Comic

In a world where SJWs and MAGA men have no ideological overlap, the stage is set for a conspiracy so insane and unlikely that it has to be true! Tweets From the End of the World is an underground comic that combines tropes from horror comedy and the paranoid political thriller. When social media starts turning everyone into violent, irrational zombies–politics becomes a nightmare!

In Part 1 of the motion comic, we are introduced to our two main characters. SJW is a sensitive college student who believes rich white men are out to shackle women and minorities, and she’s volunteered to be part of an interstate protest against a new anti-abortion law. MAGA Man is a former Marine who loves America and believes America’s government is working to turn us all into slaves. Little do they know, the world is about to go to hell, and they may be the only ones left to save it! (God help us…)

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Part 1

Part 2

More to come!


Written, Edited, and Created by: Jave Galt-Miller
Illustrated by: Ulises Carpintero
Colored by: Hugo Araujo

Voice Actors

SJW – kiffinyjean
Maga Man – sacovi
The Professor – Sarah Nightingale
PoC/Trans Lesbian aficionado – Jazmine “Jazz” Hooks
Horny Nerd – Jave Galt-Miller
Bernie Bro #1 – Terrance Nicholson
Bernie Bro #2: Kyle Brauch