The NSFW horror comedy graphic novel you’ve been looking for!

If only every woman were a lesbian. Lesbian Zombies from Outer SpaceAce Johnson is a regular guy. He manages a mom-and-pop video store, and he likes porn. Gwen Moffett is a lesbian of mediocre looks. She’s not too successful with the ladies, and she hates guys who like porn. But when a mysterious Space Queen crash lands in the woods, the town’s women start turning into lesbian zombies, and this unlikely pair are the only ones left to stop the disaster.

While Ace and Gwen are our protagonists, the real stars of the show are the lesbian zombies themselves. What sets these zombies apart from any you’ve seen before? In this world, only women can become zombies, and when they do, they are transformed into their idealized sexual self. They will flaunt their sexuality to attract their real victims: men. And while classic zombies are interested in brains, the lesbian zombies are looking to munch on something below the belt…

Throughout the series as they fight to escape the town and get help, Ace and Gwen are assailed by his zombified – and awkwardly hot – Mother; sheltered by a Priest, whose attempted zombie exorcism goes horrifyingly awry; chased by a Detective-turned zombie hunter who believes Gwen to be one of the bad guys; tutored by a Professor (actually, the high school gym teacher) who believes the only way to stop the apocalypse is to destroy the Space Queen, and the only way to destroy the Queen is to, uhm, make love to her and remind her why God created Man and Woman; and of course there will be hordes of hot and lethal Lesbian Zombies. All leading to a climax so shocking – so unexpected – it will leave you gasping and wincing and laughing.

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Ace Johnson

ACE JOHNSON – A horn-dog video clerk looking for some girl-on-girl action. After convincing his best friend to let him surreptitiously film his impending threesome, Ace gets more than he bargained for and must fight to hang on to his johnson!

Gwen Moffett

GWEN MOFFETT – A lesbian trying to make it in a man’s world, Gwen is forced to team up with one of the dumbest males she’s ever met to survive the lesbian zombie apocalypse.

The Professor - Dick Hagerty

DICK HAGERTY/THE PROFESSOR – The local high school gym teacher who may or may not have installed hidden cameras in the girls’ locker room. He may have a plan to defeat the lesbian zombies once and for all. (Or he may just be a deluded pervert.)

Ellis, Ace's Best Friend

ELLIS – Ace’s best friend. He’s just received news that his girlfriend is willing to have a threesome (with another girl). Worried that he won’t be able to satisfy two women, he goes to Ace for help.

Detective Kearnes

DETECTIVE KEARNES – Lead detective at the local police station, Kearnes thought this was going to be a quiet night. But the lesbian zombie apocalypse will forge him into a fearless, testosterone-filled leader of men.

The Space Queen

THE SPACE QUEEN – Mysterious hot chick from outer space who wishes to destroy mankind.

Lesbian Zombies

LESBIAN ZOMBIES – Artificially attractive zombies who like to make out and eat cock.



Jave is a New Jersey transplant to La-La Land. Introduced to trashy wars novels at a young age where the guy always bangs the girl(s), and heartbroken in high school by a bi-chick who went full lesbian, he knows what it means to be turned on by femme-femme action. After a year of working in post production at Lifetime, and then another year at OWN, Jave did what any sane male wordsmith would do after being subjected to so much estrogen on a daily basis: he wrote a comic about lesbian zombies.


Raised in Baltimore, Wayne wanted to be a comic book artist since high school. Inspired by the work of Arthur Adams, Marc Sylvestri, Todd Mcfarlane, Wally Wood and Jack Kirby, Wayne has created and illustrated the web comic Weepin Willows as well as the acclaimed Comic Monster Mafia. He has illustrated numerous other works, including Signed C: the missingfor Wayward Raven Media. Married, with four children, his days of chasing lesbo strange are behind him.


Raymond “Monds” Agustin
Laura Ruggeri
Israel Sidharta

Bruno Chiroleu

Gustavo Melo